NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Dog owners in North Little Rock are speaking out against city leaders over a ban on pit bull breeds.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) went in place back in 2005 in North Little Rock. Dozens of dog lovers showed up to the city council meeting Monday to try and get leaders to consider reversing BSL.

Jake Perritt had a Pitbull for 8 years and said the ban is upsetting.

"Banning us from having a pet just because of everybody else or other bad owners is not fair to us," Perritt said. “I think what they’re trying to find are the ones that cause problems, not the ones that didn’t cause problems.”

Guy Choate said BSL is something he is ashamed of and did not know existed until a few weeks ago.

"For the city to tell someone that they can't have a certain dog in our city, that's not a city I can be proud of," Choate said. “That’s something that I think is outdated and largely proven to be an antiquated thing and doesn’t help anybody out.”

Choate believes BSL is keeping people out of North Little Rock.

“If that were my dog and I was being told that it had to be euthanized or I had to give it away I would leave the city," he said. "I think to label an entire breed as an enemy is something that's not fair to that breed and to owners of that breed."

Terri Lindsey lives in Vilonia and came to North Little Rock to express her frustration with the city's ban. There is no pit bull breed ban in Vilonia.

"Dogs are like kids, If you don't train your kids, they're going to be wild child," Lindsey said.

Many people at the meeting believed dogs were not the problems but the owners.

“Reckless owners need to be prosecuted and laws should be implemented if they are not already," Lindsey said.

Although the ban will continue until council members decide to reverse it, dog owners will continue to fight for what is right.

"That's what these laws do they break up families, good citizens, good loving homes for dogs that have done nothing wrong,” Lindsey said.

City council members would need to put the issue up for a vote to lift the ban.

Members of a group working to lift BSL are collecting 2,000 signatures to get council members to consider it for a vote.