LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- According to Our House, Arkansas is the third-worst state in the country for child and family homelessness.

The homeless shelter is trying to change that with a grand opening for their newest tool in that effort. Saturday morning, the group celebrated their second re-sell retail store where whether you shop or donate, you're helping to make a difference.

“It’s a new and brighter outlook for me and others,” said Eric King, an employee at the store in North Little Rock.

The social enterprise prides itself on providing a fresh start, job opportunities, and valuable workforce skills.

“We started with our Little Rock store at 8609 West Markham. It’s half the size of this,” Justin Robinson, Employment Program Coordinator, said as he looked around at what he also calls ‘his vision’. “It’s a 9,000-square foot retail store and donation center.”

The store will serve as a job training hub for clients like King and others.

"I just recently lost my job before I got into Our House, so I've been looking for employment. I ran into Justin while I was there and he gave me a job,” King said.

He’s been at Our House for almost a year. He said he’s thankful to have stable employment and a chance to rebuild his life.

“It's not only benefiting me, but the community as well. I'll be here for a while, but it'll help people after me also,” said King.

Every dollar you spend at the resell shop gives back to those trying to get back on their feet.

"100% of the proceeds benefit Our House,” Robinson said.

This organization, and it’s staff, are helping to pay it forward in a priceless way.

“They'll come and work here, it helps get them acclimated to working. It also helps them move on to full time employment in the work field and leave homelessness,” Robinson said.

If you’re looking to shop or donate to Our House, the new store is right next door to Hobby Lobby in North Little Rock at 4653 JFK Blvd. The tax-deductible donations also help fund other programs like financial literacy and child development training.