LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - We're one step closer toward the completion of a new Habitat home for LaKisha Waters and her family.

Volunteers showed up to help lay down the sod on Friday. PC Hardware was also on hand, installing plumbing fixtures and lighting. Then, it’s just inspections and closing on the home.

Today was the final volunteer day.

“LaKisha has put in nearly 300 hours of sweat equity which is a really huge thing for her and her family because they’ve been able to build the house together and the kids, you know, the kids helped raise the walls and they’ve helped hammer in the nails," said Becky Pittman with Habitat for Humanity Central Arkansas. "The joy that they got from being able to build their own house was just immeasurable.”

The house is three bedrooms, two baths and is about 1,250 square feet.

“It’s extremely energy efficient, we built to energy five star standards which means the air flow in and out of the house is extremely minimal. The leaks and that kind of thing… it’s sealed up, it’s very green. It’s as energy efficient as it could possibly be,” said Pittman.

All Habitat for Humanity homeowners have a zero percent interest mortgage rate and monthly payments are below 400 dollars. The house is scheduled to be finished December 15.

The ribbon cutting will be the following week, meaning LaKisha and her three kids will spend Christmas in their brand-new home.

THV11 Habitat Home Timeline:

Sept. 14- Foundation poured

Sept. 16- Walls go up

Sept. 23- Volunteers put up the trusses

Nov. 7- Siding attached

Nov. 17- Volunteers lay sod