A petition started by the filmmakers behind Company Town, a documentary about the town of Crossett and how it has been "plagued" by the pollution caused by a nearby manufacturing plant, has reached over 25,000 supporters.

The investigative documentary, which recently played at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, examines how a Koch Industries paper mill and chemical plant may be making residents sick and how the "gutted" Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is "costing people their lives."

The petition asks that the EPA investigate and relocate the community of Crossett "that has been made ill by Georgia-Pacific's wastewater and air pollution."

"About 5,000 people -- mostly poor, people of color -- live in the town of Crossett, battling the paper and chemical plant that residents commonly refer to as a 'cancer cluster,'" a press release said.

Company Town (2016) - Official Trailer [HD] from Company Town on Vimeo.

According to the EPA's Toxic Release Inventory, the plant emits around 1.5 million pounds of toxic chemicals every year. In 2016, Newsweek reported that the Georgia-Pacific plant emits carcinogens such as formaldehyde and chloroform.

"The people of Crossett have a right to know what they breath," said Natalie Kottke-Masocco, director of Company Town, "they have right to know what they are being exposed to every day. This is literally a matter of life and death."

In the film, a contractor was allegedly told to get rid of a poisonous ash by pouring it in ponds located in Crossett.

If you wish to sign the petition, you can click here.