HIGGINSON, Ark. (KTHV) - Entergy crews all over the state are busy restoring power after this weekend's storm that caused flooding and loss of power for many in the state.

Right now there are more than 8,000 people that are still without power in the Natural State. Crews from Entergy said they would be working hard Monday and Tuesday to restore power throughout the state.

Already more than half of the state is restored, and they plan on having everyone's power back on by Tuesday. At its peak, more than 70,000 people were without power over the weekend. Entergy spokeswoman Kerri Case said heavy wind and rain caused a lot of damage to power lines across the state.

"It is a big nasty storm that came through here,” Case said. “And it has been tough for a lot of folks."

Right now more than 1,000 linemen from other states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee are helping restore power for many Arkansans. That's an additional 1,100 people working throughout the state. Entergy Crew Supervisor Johnny Brown is working with crews in White County.

“We had a tornado come through two nights ago, on Highway 11 south," Brown said. “What we are doing now is we have the wire laid up, and we are fixing to start pulling up and tying it in."

Brown said more than 200 poles were damaged throughout the state. In White County, 48 poles have been replaced thanks to the added help.

“We've been trying to beat the flood water and like Georgetown and all that line up back for those folks,” Brown said. “Because there are lots of folks down there that won’t want to leave.”

Now crews are working all day and night hoping to clean up trees and restore power.

“If [customers] have an emergency they can contact us, and we will roll somebody out 24 hours a night,” Brown said, “but they have been real good with it so far."

There are still a few areas throughout the state where crews will need more time before power is restored. Entergy staff warn people to practice safety. If you see trees or power lines down, please contact your local police.

If you wish to see where outages remain in the state, click here.