LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Governor Asa Hutchinson, alongside Drug Director Kirk Lane, announced Wednesday afternoon that Naxolone/Narcan will be available over the counter in Arkansas.

They hope this initiative will decrease the number of drug overdose deaths in the state. They said it’s a temporary fix to get them further medical care before they die.

Naxolone can be given to a person in a shot or in a nasal spray. It counteracts the effects of the opioid and temporarily reverses the symptoms of an overdose.

In the long run the Narcan is cheap but short term it can put a little dent in your wallet. Some of the over the counter Narcan options include nasal spray and injections that range anywhere from $30-$200.

Pharmacist, Brittany Marsh, said she's happy that they'll soon have the drug available, and hopes people don't abuse it.

“When we get it in we will be able to hopefully help anyone who is in need of having an overdose, whether it's an elderly patient, addict or a small child who happens to get into the wrong medication. You just have to use your best judgment in your scope of practice and I hope that it can be used in the correct way,” she said.

Marsh said the pharmacy is hoping to get the drug as soon as possible.

“It definitely expands our scope of practice and it's something that we're willing and able to do,” Marsh said.

The Little Rock Police Department is also glad to have this new tool. They had a little over $4,000 donated by the public and bought 150 Narcan dispensers. They department said they plan on buying more in the future.