LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Darren Schulz's dog, Douglas, was sprayed with pepper spray not once but twice by a meter reader.

At first Schulz wasn't sure what was wrong with his dog. He went in to his backyard and couldn't find anything he had gotten into. Schulz was stumped as to what was happening to Douglas until he figured it out himself.

“I went upstairs, I washed my hands and when I did I washed my face," Schulz said. "My eyes started burning and I started smelling pepper spray. That’s when I figured out my dog had been sprayed with pepper spray.”

Schulz said he can't imagine why someone would feel threatened by a pug.

“If you think of any dog you would pepper spray, I think pug is literally at the bottom of the list,” he said.

He said his dog was in such bad shape he had to call a veterinarian.

“I called the vet he said keep an eye on him. It could be very bad for him, it could kill him with the respiratory issues pugs have," Schulz explained.

He also put a call into Entergy to complain about the employee. He was told that it wasn't an Entergy employee, but a contracted worker with Olmameter.

Then Schulz got in contact with Olmameter and they told him it was the employee's second week on the job. Schulz called into question the training.

He said from now on he wants his meter read differently and urges other pet owners to do the same.

“If you have pets and you have people that come in your backyard to read meters," he said, "you may think about giving them a call and have a different way to read that meter, whether it be a remote reader or you sending in a picture every month.”

We also reached out to Entergy today and they confirmed that it was a contracted employee who came to the Schulz’s house that day.

Olmameter told the family they will be questioning the employee.