LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The metro continues to have a violent summer and many think that calls for peace and reflection.

Choca Flood, also known in the community as DJ Deja Blu, is stepping up. He hopes to join other pillars in the community in search of an answer to crime. His Peace Picnic brought out a large crowd Sunday, but many who attended still are concerned with the fact that those who really needed to be there were not.

“We aren't going days without a murder. It's a murder, or two or a three, every day,” said William Greys.

Greys is also active in the community. The city of Little Rock, and those who live here, are in search of a new identity.

“I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas and I love my city, but at the same time I want us to do better and calm down,” Dj Deja Blu said.

Little Rock has seen its share of violence in recent months, but also has just as many people sharing what they hope to be resolutions.

“Everybody says they want to do something, but they're not being active in trying to do it so I decided to bring everybody together,” said Dj Deja Blu.

He hopes the picnic is his first step.

“In order for us to really do this, we have to have more input and cooperation from the churches and the big business men,” Greys said. “We still haven't brought any of the young gang member in and let them be a part of this where we can talk to them. This event is way out here at Murray Park, everybody doesn’t have the means of transportation to get out here.”

He blames a lack of jobs for the increase in crime, among other things. He’s passionate about providing more employment opportunities for youth in the community, as he thinks many young people can't get to activities of substance.


"I'm just keeping it real, I think older people send them in the wrong directions. We all need to come together and pull them back,” he said.

One thing everyone can agree on is that one person alone can’t fix this problem.

"I know we can't stop everything but if we can do something, even one little thing, to transgress into something bigger that’s progress,” said Dj Deja Blu.