LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- An Arkansas man rammed his car into the 10 Commandments, just hours after the controversial monument was placed outside the state capitol.

Now plans are already underway to rebuild it. People have been walking by where the monument once stood all day. They want to see the tire tracks and marvel at the empty slab. And it may not be long before there's another statue where the first one stood.

The Ten Commandments statue was installed Tuesday. A man drove his car into it and smashed it Wednesday. State Senator Jason Rapert said donors have already started to build a replacement.

"And we will raise the funds to make sure that it's put back where it should be, and hopefully protected if we have to protect that,” said Senator Rapert.

The state capitol has police officers on patrol 24/7, and one was nearby was the statue was destroyed.

"We're very protective of our monuments, and of the grounds in general," Rapert said.

The Capitol Police Department did not take any special precautions after the monument was installed, but a spokesman said officers knew to keep their eyes on it.

"I think it was in the back of some of our minds, just the possibility that something could happen, just because it's been so controversial. But you never can predict something like this happening,” said Chris Powell with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office.

Senator Rapert spoke Wednesday morning about putting bars around the statue after it's rebuilt. But one man who decided to check out the rubble had a different view.

"We should feel safe, and open, and free. And I think it would be better to not install more security, as a show of our trust of our citizens,” said Philip Kempff.

The spokesman for the Capitol Police Department told us that, for now, there are no plans to change the way monuments are protected. He also said there is surveillance footage of the crash and it will be released at some point in the future.