LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Power Ultra Lounge has been shut down after the mass shooting that took place there early Saturday morning.

Since January, the Little Rock Police Department has been called to the 6th Street block near the nightclub a total of 55 times.

Alcohol Beverage Control officials say they've specifically cited the club 14 different violations since 2012. One of those violations was furnishing alcohol to a minor while 11 others violations were failure to pay taxes.

The business has even gone a majority of this year without a business license. 147 days to be exact. They renewed their license and paid their fines on June 28, three days before the shooting.

Owner of Bella Vita Jewelry, Brandy McNair, said she's invested in downtown and she doesn't want to live or work anywhere else.

“I hated waking up Saturday morning to the news of a mass shooting in Little Rock and then finding out it was in the front yard of my business.

“We don't want people to be afraid to come down here. It's not just to come and shop here but to go and experience all of what downtown has to offer,” McNair said.

Jeff Duncan, who works at Best Park, said the shutdown is long overdue. The Best Park parking lot is right across from the nightclub.

“Well now that they're shut down I think the people I've talked to are extremely happy,” he said.

Duncan said it's a shame someone had to get shot to bring attention to the place. He thinks it'll be easier to rent out buildings on and near 6th Street now that the club has been shut down.

“Anybody that knew the neighborhood wouldn't want to put an office in the neighborhood with that going on, it's a major bad element gone,” he said.

ABC officials say this club could've been shut down a long time ago if more businesses in the area would’ve filed more "failure to be a good neighbor" reports consistently to the board.