LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Did you know that one of the worst things you can do before you leave on vacation is tell people about it?

That's because those posts on Facebook that you think are fun and celebratory could lead thieves straight to your unguarded door. Even if your Facebook is private sometimes friends of friends, or people who really aren't your friend, can see that information and strike!

It's something police see all the time and they want you to be more careful. So who should you call?

“Call your local police precinct. We have three. If you call the precinct and tell them you're going to be on vacation, they will send a uniformed officer by your house every day to make sure your property's secure. Don’t do active blog or Facebook posts ‘hey I'm on the beach right now’, because there are some criminals that are smart and scout out areas. So they very well may know that your house is empty. Don't post on Facebook, don't post on Twitter. Do all that when you get back,” said Steve McClanahan with the Little Rock Police Department.

Another dead giveaway that you're gone? Mail or packages building up by your front door. Find someone you trust who'll collect all that for you, or just stop your mail service while you're gone.