LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Police are still investigating and victims are now recovering one week after the mass nightclub shooting at Power Ultra Lounge.

Last Friday night, Finese 2Tymes’ concert turned violent with 25 people shot and three others injured. Police still haven't made any arrests in this case, but say they're making progress. Ricky Hampton, the rapper Finese 2Tymes, is still a person of interest and will soon be brought back to Little Rock.

Meanwhile one victim working to recover is just thankful to be alive.

“I didn’t know that I was as strong as I am," said 19-year-old Dajuana Mixon.


Mixon is a member of the army, volleyball player, and singer. She was in critical condition after being shot in her left shoulder. Her mother told THV11 that doctors didn’t think they could save her arm.

"The doctor did something he thought he couldn’t do," said her mother, Renea Domineck.

Mixon isn't letting this hold her back, instead she’s embracing a new beginning.

"I’m not upset about it. I feel like it was an eye opener, a second chance at life. So now it’s like you got to get yourself together because tomorrow’s never promised," said Mixon.

Mixon recalls the night when 25 people were shot. She was inside the club with a few friends.

"I kept saying I don’t feel right. I don’t want to be here. And I was actually about to leave when everything went down," said Mixon.

Another of her friends was also shot.

"I held her hand and said it’s not our time baby girl. God’s got us," said Mixon.

With multiple shooters, one week later police are still working to piece together what happened that night.

“Making progress. As you can see its very complicated investigation," said Lieutenant Steve McClanahan with LRPD.

The road to recovery is just beginning for Mixon. Doctors told her full recovery could be a couple years down the road, but Mixon is keeping her spirits high.

“I’m grateful I’m not sad. When I cry its tears of joy because I’m alive," said Mixon.

Right now the crime lab is processing evidence. Police said they still need video from that night and they’re asking anyone who has any to send it, even if its anonymously.