LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Wednesday is the big Powerball drawing!

Many people here in Arkansas and around the country will be on the edge of their seats and crossing their fingers come 8:59 p.m. tonight because even more 0's are on the line.

“People come in and don't even know what they've won, they just want the money,” said Teena Parks, Manager of an Exxon gas station in North Little Rock.

Money will make people do strange things.

"I was on my way in and I decided to stop for a quick pick,” said Elbert Jarrett.

With $700 million on the line, no one wants to miss out on being the Powerball winner to cash in big.

"So far, sales today are a little over $500,000 just for Powerball,” Arkansas Lottery Director, Bishop Woosley, said.

Parks said Exxon has been known to have Powerball and scratch off winners.

"We had a $255,000 from Natural State and $50,000 from Natural State,” he said.


There have been 57 lottery-made millionaires in Arkansas. And 50% of profit from draw games like the Powerball help students continue their education.

“The parents and students are always very thankful. With as much as college costs right now, every little bit counts. I've had some people tell me they probably wouldn't have gone to college if it weren't for the scholarship or that it kept them from having to work a part time job, so they’re always very grateful,” Woosley said.

In almost eight years, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has raised over $700 million. More than $1 million in Powerball tickets were sold during the last drawing on Saturday. That's more than half a million in scholarship funding.

If no one hits the lottery here in Arkansas or around the nation tonight, the amount will roll to $1 billion or more depending on sales. And that’ll be the second largest jackpot ever. More sales means more money for students.