LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The concrete slab where the 10 Commandments monument will sit was installed Thursday.

In just a few more days, the controversial 10 Commandments monument will make its way to the state capitol grounds. The Secretary of State's office has heard from thousands of people about it. They set up a hotline to get people's opinions on not only this monument, but other monuments that had been proposed.

THV11 was able to obtain a numerical list of calls made to the monument hotline. Around 140 people called to say they were in support of a 10 Commandments monument. Over 460 people, the greatest number of calls, were made by people saying they didn't want a satanic temple monument.

Chris Powell, Assistant Director of Communication and Education, said that based on public response from the hotline, they aren't anticipating more pushback once the monument is up.

"We do not perceive any indication of any anticipated protests or reaction from the community on this," said Powell.

But there has been a lot of reaction in other states after they put up similar monuments. In 2012, Oklahoma installed a similar Ten Commandments monument on their capitol grounds. Just 3 years later, it was removed after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the display violated the state constitution's prohibition of using state property to further religions.

One Arkansas organization expects similar legal action to happen here. LeeWood Thomas with the Arkansas Free Thinkers Society said that when the 10 Commandment monument is in place he anticipates the ACLU and his organization will move forward with a lawsuit.

He doesn't believe widespread protests will take place when the monument comes up.

"I don't know that there will be any organized effort by any particular organization, but I fully suspect individuals may spend their time protesting at the site," said Thomas.

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