LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- While we can’t control the hot days, we do have control over how our homes feel and to some degree, how much we pay for energy.

The easy answer is change out your filter about every 30 days. That can reduce the amount of time it takes to cool your home, lowering your bill. You can also prolong the life of your AC unit, saving thousands, with some preventative steps.

At this time of year, AC maintenance teams are out in full force. The high demand in AC unit repairs and maintenance has some customers waiting two to three days without AC and others waiting weeks for repairs.

"We are trying our best to keep up," said Joel Gates, III, HVAC Manager at Seal Energy Solutions.

According to Gates, the harsh heat is putting your AC unit hard at work, which is why taking care of it is so crucial.

“A lot of people haven’t gotten their preventative maintenance done so unfortunately their units are being damaged and have to be replaced or major repairs being done," said Gates.

Preventative maintenance is recommended twice or at least once a year where professionals come out to clean your outdoor unit and coils.

“It’s kind of the same theory; do you believe you need to change your oil in your car? It’s the same thing, preventative maintenance," said Gates.

Besides changing your filter, to keep your electricity bill low Gates also recommends using LED lights, making sure your home is properly insulated and air sealed, and having the correct size air conditioner. Investing in solar panels will also help save you money.