LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) -- Gasoline prices are spiraling toward a two-year high with the Labor Day driving rush approaching.

Tom Parker, head of Arkansas' Petroleum Council, said many operations near Houston and the Gulf Coast are still shut down.

"At the present time there are ten refineries that area closed, there are six that are beginning the restart process," he said.

Parker said supply and demand would indicate that consumers will begin feeling those effects in their wallets.

"Pressures one way or another can drive things higher or lower," he said.

AAA said the states that will be most impacted are Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Prices are already up 15 to 20 cents since Sunday in Little Rock. But experts said the spike will be brief and prices will come back down as soon as refineries are back online. Parker said the chances of a shortage are low and rushing to the pump to fill up could make the problem worse.

"It shouldn't be something where that we all run out and top of our tank because when that happens it just makes sure what's going to happen will happen. The system is not in place to provide everyone a tank of fuel every day," he said.