LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The Arkansas Department of Health held a public comment period for their Medical Marijuana rules Friday afternoon; letting people voice their last minute concerns.

One person said you can't test every plant, there's no sense in it, “If you test it in the lab and get an average you'll get the same result at a significant less cost.”

Another person said, “I was wondering can I make CBD oil at home? Can I make waxes at home? Can I make edibles at home?”

One interested grower said, “It's really important that patients and caregivers can grow their own medicine because they know where it came from and they know there's no pesticides.”

Lauren Parker, an attorney from Memphis, went to today's meeting to get clear answers for her clients, “I represent a contingent of farmers here in Marion, AR.”

One-ounce bags of medicinal marijuana

Her clients concerns are public safety and patient education. Parker said when her farmers apply for a license, they need to know their responsibilities.

“We just don’t know who's going to be informing the patients, is it going to be the doctors? is it going to be the dispensaries?” said Parker.

Robert Brech with the Health Department said he appreciates the opinions, “we'll take all the public comments we'll look at them and try to determine whether or not we need to make any changes.”

But he said they have a tight deadline of May 1.

“If I had gotten a comment that was really something critical that we had to change we would consider making that change but the comments I’ve received so far either by email or today, we’ll probably go forward with the rules as they are,” he said.

Another concern at today's meeting; people fear if the registration fees don't go down, the people of Arkansas won't be able to afford this process.