NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A Pulaski County sheriff's deputy is being called a hero, after saving a man from a burning vehicle Sunday afternoon in North Little Rock.

Anyone who knows anything about police officers knows they don't like attention and they really don't like being called a hero.

Pulaski County Deputy, Sam Brandon, is no fan of attention or being called a hero, but after Sunday he is receiving plenty of both.

"I'm not looking for handouts or praise; I just want to do my job and go home,” the 22-year veteran of the force said.

Still, those who've heard his story said he's earned the title.

Sunday afternoon, he pulled a man from a burning car after he lost control of his vehicle and slammed in to a gas pump.

"I had literally missed my turn on the way to the project, so I went to turn around at the Shell station, I saw this gentleman come off McCain at a high rate of speed and smash in to the gas pump, and it immediately caught fire."

It happened at the Shell station on the corner of McCain Boulevard and Smokey Lane.

Deputy Brandon said he doesn't even work that district, but happened to be running an errand in the area at the time of the incident.

"The door was smashed closed, the entire passenger side was inaccessible due to the fire, and we couldn't lie his seat down to get him out of the back. So, I cut his seatbelt off, and we were trying to get this guy out of the window, but it was a big guy and a small window. It's just not working," Brandon explained, insisting he wasn't alone.

People from all over the area came running to help him save the man, who was unconscious during the rescue.

"A gentleman comes out and said, 'Hey, I've got a chain'. So, we hook the chain up to the driver's side door; to either pull the car out of the fire or to rip the car off the door. The door came off, and we were able to get the guy out."

It's no surprise, Brandon said he was just doing his job.

"Everybody else, who just jumped in face-first, just like I did, that's not part of their job. There were a bunch of heroes there that day, and none of them were dressed like me."

In a time when officers seem to make headlines for all the wrong reasons, Sheriff Doc Holladay said he's proud of his deputy for taking on a situation most people wouldn't.

"Things like this do happen. Things like this happen more often than people hear about. So, I appreciate the face that Deputy Brandon has done something that has gotten attention, has saved someone's life, and has raised awareness that law enforcement officers do things a typical person wouldn't think about doing," he explained.

Brandon has spoken with the victim's family, who saidthey'd like privacy at this time, but did say the victim is stable and is expected to make it.