MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KTHV) -- A fire at a Mayflower apartment complex sent several families out of their home Saturday night.

Saturday night, a building at the Queens Manor Apartment complex went up in flames. Investigators with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office won’t start trying to figure out how the fire started for another day or so. 24 hours after the fire, things are still so hot that they can’t get on to the property.

Some residents saw it all unfold.

"The entire building was engulfed and a car was on fire, you could hear people and kids crying,” described Amanda Dowyel.

Imagine losing all you own in just a matter of minutes.

"It's kind of hard seeing it now knowing they lost everything and we're just still over here,” Shawn Blackmon said.

Ashes, smoke, and charred remains now stand where families once lived. Amazingly, no one was hurt in Saturday night’s fire.

“A neighbor came out and said there was smoke coming from her building and the neighbor next door said the same thing,” said Blackmon.

He wasted no time helping those he could and managed to kick down a door to an apartment on fire.


“People are already having a hard time and now they've lost everything. Just thankful that people like the Red Cross are around to help them start over again,” he said.

The complex has been the scene of recent trouble including a homicide there earlier this month. That had some residents nervous and now residents are devastated.

“Most of us here can't afford to miss a paycheck or to miss work, people are living on what they make,” said Dowyel.

At the scene, you can still see kitchen appliances ruined from the flames. Dowyel witnessed smoke and police cars from her apartment.

"I stepped out and saw that something over was on fire, I live on the opposite side of the complex. I walked over because I thought it was the office, but it wasn't. It was the A building. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” she said.

She's thankful her community has come together quickly.

Mayflower Elementary helped house residents and is accepting donations for gas cards, food and clothing. Six families from the school are affected. Contact Mayflower Elementary if you'd like to help in any way.