LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Real Men Wear Gowns and when they do, they often learn a valuable life lesson.

THV11’s Craig O'Neill discovered that lesson when he went to a Saint Vincent clinic and met up with an old friend.

At the clinic off Cantrell, in the waiting room, 65 year old Jerry Vogelgesang is there for his regular checkup.

“My wife is a nurse at the VA. Has been for 25 years,” Vogelgesang said.

His daughter is also an optician at Walmart.

“Between the two of them they will not let me even think about missing an appointment.”

Dr. Mark Viegas has become like a member of the family. With a baby step approach that the retired minister follows religiously.

Jerry has chronic neuropathy, otherwise known as nerve damage. It limits his mobility and is normally caused by diabetes, but not in this case. Add some high blood pressure and cholesterol, and he's got some challenges.

“The thing about it is, you've got to always be positive.”

“So he has to do a combination of lifestyle modification and medication,” Dr. Viegas said.

Jerry takes 11 pills a day and does physical therapy, but there is also another healthy active ingredient: trust.

“I'm not doing very well, but I'm better than what I was because of Dr. Viegas, because of how he's engineered this whole thing.”

Jerry never saw any of this coming and it gets him to preaching.

“If I could talk to young people and tell them what to do, here's what I'd tell them to do. Have a regular annual checkup.”

This brings us to Jerry's four rules of being over 60.

“Get up, show up, dress up and never give up.” Oh, and Craig had to add one more: gown up.

THV11 wants all men to remember to wear the gown. Visit your doctor regularly, listen to their recommendations and gown up.

It may help find a health concern you didn't know was there or even save your life.