SALINE CO., Ark. (KTHV) - The body of an 18-year-old from Benton was recovered after more than a day of searching in local swimming hole "The Blue Hole" in Bauxite. Chance Armstrong died in what investigators call a swimming accident at the swimming location right off Mount Olive Road.

“It’s just a pit in your stomach. Your heart goes out to the family,” said Gary Morrison, whose home of 18 years backs up to "The Blue Hole." "Unfortunately it’s a very unsafe place and tragedy can happen.”

Morrison told us "The Blue Hole" is located on private property and is a popular spot for kids, teens, and young adults. He notices groups at the swimming hole nearly every summer weekend and doesn’t hesitate to call police and encourage them to leave.

“It’s not surprising," he said. "We actually, probably two or three weeks ago, my wife and I were talking about it and that was one of her biggest concerns that someone could get hurt or die. That’s the reason we’ve been so vigilant with the kids."

Nearly 60 emergency responders used each bit of daylight to find the teen.

Saline County Sheriff Rodney Wright wanted to remind the public about the "dangers associated with swimming in unprotected lakes, rivers, ponds and quarries."

"Please think twice before 'cooling off' in unprotected waters,” Wright said.

“Our heart goes out to the family. My wife and I feel horrible about what’s going on and I know she spent a lot of time yesterday crying about it,” said Morrison.

While the investigation is ongoing and details leading up to the moment Armstrong disappeared from the water aren't being released, the Saline County Sheriff's Office told us nothing indicates this is anything other than a water related accident.