JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - The good thing is they're just as scared of you as you are of them, but still hearing the sounds of coyotes can be frightening. In Jacksonville, more and more people are reporting sightings of coyotes as the summer comes to a close.

On Monday, Jacksonville Animal Control received two calls about coyotes in the city. They're averaging about 2 calls a week and all of these reports have one thing in common.

"On down the road it’s a pretty wooded area toward Gravel Ridge and we have had customers say they hear them down there," said Bridget Burton, owner of Chicken Country.

Burton lives on a farm in neighboring town Austin and hears the howls often.

“Nightly,” said Burton. “The howling will scare you.”

She believes they're becoming more common.

"Probably the last six months, we have heard more, yes," said Burton.

Jacksonville Animal Control said all of their calls on coyotes come from areas near construction sites like next to North Pulaski High School.

"Coyotes are very illusive and hard to catch," said Benjamin Boykin who has worked animal nuisance control for 12 years. “In some areas it seems to be more because of new construction going on. I think it’s overtaking their habitat."

One thing that will attract coyotes to neighborhoods is leaving food out for your pets.

“Sometimes they’re going into city areas where they can catch prey a little easier sometimes," said Boykin.

Animal control tells us coyotes are really smart, but they’re also scared of you. At night, bring your small animals inside as they can be prey.