LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- In May, an online petition gather signatures to create a dog park in West Little Rock. Now, more than 240 residents have signed on for the project.

Many are even claiming they would contribute to the costs of building a dog park. The City of Little Rock said the request is still very much on their radar.

Residents said large crowds at the city's two existing dog parks, Murray Park and McArthur Park, are strong evidence that more are needed.

"Dog parks are very popular here in Little Rock. That is the reason why we take request like this serious," said Truman Tolefree, Little Rock's parks and recreation director.

Tolefree said the city is still researching the possibility and their options.

"We haven't made any decisions in terms in where it might possibly be located. However, we do know one thing it would be located on park's property."

West Little Rock residents said the problem is that Murray Park is 23 minutes away, Burns Park 21 minutes, and the dog park at McArthur Park is 20 minutes.

"What we do is that we take those requests and look at them. We prioritize them, and whenever we have available resources then we try to make it happen," said Tolefree.

The city is considering a few locations. Both Two Rivers Park and Rock Creek, the strip of land near Chenal Parkway, are working options.

Tolefree said residents played a big part in funding and the upkeep of the McArthur dog park. He said that's an option for neighborhood associations and residents of West Little Rock.

"Many of the things that we have gotten done in the Little Rock parks and recreation department has been as a result of organizations coming to the table with available resources."