HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) — A new rewards card allows shoppers to save money at local stores. The purpose is to encourage Arkansans to shop local. The now statewide program is called ‘Local Arkansas.’ It's a card you can use to get discounts at participating stores and restaurants.

"More and more people are deciding to support local businesses and to be able to thrive, we want our customer to remember us and come in as often as possible," said Shelley Green, owner of The Green Corner Store which offers 10 percent off drinks and food to card-holders.

That’s just one of the about 50 businesses across Arkansas that are already participating in ‘Local Arkansas.’

Render Creative started the program in Hot Springs early this year and one month ago the program went state wide. Still very new, so far eight Little Rock businesses have joined.

“That list is growing right here in Little Rock," said Local First Arkansas Director Susie Cowan.

For an annual $15 you can purchase a card that will give you discounts at any participating local business.

Cardholders are able to go online to see what businesses are participating and what deals their offering.

“The can try new restaurants maybe that they haven’t tried before and get perhaps an appetizer, a discount," said Green.

The businesses can choose what deal they want to offer.

“It’s up to the business, it could be a percentage off, it could be a gift with purchase that they offer," said Green. “I don’t think it’s too hard of a sell because everybody likes a benefit, everybody likes to save a little money or get something extra."

You can buy the card at some participating stores or Oct. 21 at the Cornbread Festival.

To buy online or see what businesses are participating, click here.