LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- If you’re familiar with Riverfest in Little Rock, then you know it’s bound to be no match for crazy weather.

However, cloudy skies did not stop foot traffic, or people, from enjoying all the festival has to offer during this year’s 40th anniversary.

“You know my wife and I come every year, we spend 3-4 days,” said Mark Givens from El Dorado, Arkansas.

"I just moved to Little Rock from Connecticut,” Wendy Russell said.

Every summer for three days, Riverfest is home to thousands of visitors both new and old.

“This is always one of the most fun music festivals we go to during the year,” said Givens.

Despite the on again off again rain, this year's 40th anniversary celebration brought out a great crowd all weekend long.

“Let's face it, it wouldn't be Riverfest without a little rain,” said Executive Director Deanna Korte.

She’s hopeful this year will birth a new era to the festival.

“Once you're in it you just kind of go with it,” Russell said referring to the rain.

Attendees didn’t let a little drizzle stop them from eating good food or hearing good tunes.

“There might have been some acts that were delayed or went on a little late, but the show went on and people stayed. That's all you can ask for,” said Givens.

Korte said planning for this year's entertainment started last August.

“Our goal was to get more current with the music, a little more eclectic. And to expose Little Rock and Arkansas to some bands that might not usually come here,” Korte said.

Top headliners like Wiz Khalifa and Justin Moore brought out a variety of music lovers.

“It's a great venue, the downtown area is exciting and fun. We had a great time as you can tell I'm losing my voice,” said Russell.

And even on its last day, with a little more rain, Riverfest 2017 will go down in history as one of the most exciting yet.

“Pound for pound, I think this is a great music festival. I also think it’s a big secret around the country, people are going to figure it out,” Givens added.

Official attendance numbers for Friday night are about 45,000. As for crime numbers, Little Rock Police tweeted that on Friday and Saturday nights they made more than 50 arrests for underage drinking. Something they tried to crack down on this year.