LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Everything must go. Organizers behind the recently cancelled Riverfest are selling off all their supplies.

A warehouse full of merchandise and other items related to Riverfest will be up for sale beginning Friday morning. From kids craft supplies to box fans and ladders. The festival, which at its height brought more than 250,000 attendees to Riverfront Park is liquidating all of its items.

"Very eclectic group of items. Something for festivals, something for events, something for teachers," DeAnna Korte, the Riverfest Director for 20 years said.

She said the sale is bittersweet, but everything must be sold.

"Kids crafts, home goods, lots of dressing room supplies, so bath towels, covers for your couches, shower curtains, plywood, we've got 3 compartment stainless steel sinks," she said.

40 years of stuff. Memorabilia, supplies and lots of memories.

"So, if people want a t-shirt for the memories of the event," she said. "Kind of a fantasy garage sale if you want to say it that way, there's a lot of stuff."

Several large festivals like the State Fair and the El Dorado Music Festival were allowed in early to get a first pick of what's for sale. On Friday morning the warehouse liquidation sale will open to the public and run through Saturday.

"We've got some pricey things, but a lot of it really is bargain under $20, so it's really, you can get a lot of great deals, probably under $10 for a lot of it,” Korte said. "40 years is a long time, so a lot of stuff. A lot memorabilia.”

The doors will open Friday morning at 8 a.m. and go until 4 p.m. The warehouse is located at 9821 Mann Road on Little Rock's southwest side.