While it may be a while before we could see any snow on the roads, Nov. 1 marks the day departments across the state call the start of their winter weather season.

It’s Mark Jacobi’s job to make sure Little Rock roads are ready for possible snow. He’s the Little Rock Public Works Operations Coordinator.

"We definitely prepare for the worst and accept the best," said Jacobi.

They began preparing for winter weather Oct.1.

"It’s mainly getting material ready, having the man power ready, and having equipment ready," said Jacobi.

With 300 tons of salt, 300 tons of mixed salt, 12 large trucks and five small ones, they also have to train the 25 or so people who will be out on the roads.

"They have a very difficult job. Snow and ice is hard enough to drive in, but when you do it at two in the morning, it’s really treacherous," said Jacobi.

“Since we've had a minor winter last year and before that, we've got a lot of salt," said Danny Straessle with the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

ARDOT is also getting equipment and people ready across the state, as the winter weather road conditions map is now live.

“We can sure address it a lot easier with the right equipment and the right products and fortunately we’ve got those and we’re ready for what comes this year,” said Straessle.

The National Weather Service expects temperatures will be higher than average this winter.