LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Arkansas State Fair is finally here and with large crowds expected security is a top priority for organizers.

Crowds are already pouring in for the first official day of the fair. General Manager Ralph Shoptaw said police officers, state troopers, and deputies are stepping in to help out.

"We pride ourselves on safety. For the next ten days, thousands will flock to the State Fair," Shoptaw said. "And while you're enjoying great food new rides and fun games first responders are busy working."

He's hoping with a larger law enforcement presence at the fair that it'll be the safest it has ever been. Shoptaw warned people coming to the fair to also be aware of the rules.

"We don't allow weapons in here. We don't allow concealed carry. We don't allow any type of weapons," Shoptaw explained.

Another priority is making sure all children are safe. Parents are encouraged to stop by the I.D. booth to get their little ones an ID tag. Security said it helps if your child ever gets lost. Parent Katie Mann believes it's an extra that gives other parents peace of mind.

"Just in case anything was to happen they would be safe because they could go find a mommy with kids and they can tell the mommy to call my number," she said.

On Monday at the fair, it's THV11's Mission Home day at the fair. Colleen Nick, the founder of the Morgan Nick Foundation along with the FBI will join THV11 to help give out information on ways to protect your children.