Savers has decided to close both their North Little Rock and west Little Rock locations. According to the company's public relations director, the company claimed that "local market pressures" have caused the shuttering of several Savers location across the country.

The email said that 110 team members have been notified and that the stores will offer special deals, discounts and offers until the final day of business on November 12. Forty of the team members are part-time, while 70 are full-time employees.

But beyond the employees who will have to find new jobs, the closure will have a major impact on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas. The nonprofit provides mentors to kids, mostly from single parent homes. Over the last year, they worked with 130 kids.

“It will be a pretty significant impact on us and the donors who give generously, I don’t have an answer for them,” said Big Brothers Big Sisters CEO, Chrissy Chatham.

The group partnered with Savers, which provided a significant amount of funding for the organization.

“It was a lot,” said Chatham.

Now, without the partnership that expires November 25, they plan to keep their doors open but are figuring out how to fill the gap.

“It’s going to be difficult, but we will come through it,” said Chatham.

Big Brothers Big Sisters won’t be picking up donations anymore, but you can still drop them off until November 22.

When the two central Arkansas stores close, the only Savers open in the state will be in Fort Smith.