LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's been 22 years since Morgan Nick disappeared from a ballpark in Alma and her family is still confident that she's out there somewhere and she will return.

Morgan’s mom Coleen Nick said this is a really hard day.

“It's a really hard day for my family. It's not something we ever saw coming,” she said. “She's still missing all these years but the search for Morgan is strong. We still have an investigative team that runs leads every single week, we still get leads in her case. Our family remains absolute in our fight to bring her back home.”

Morgan's mom, Coleen, said she’ll continue to fight for her daughter.

“I also still believe Morgan might encounter her whole story,” she said.

Morgan Nick's alleged abduction is known across the state and across the nation. In Arkansas Amber Alerts for missing children are called "Morgan Nick Amber Alerts" in Morgan’s honor. Coleen said she thinks the state of Arkansas has a lot to be proud of.

“The way they've stood up and fought back for Morgan and other missing children is awesome. We stand shoulder to shoulder in this state saying you cannot take our children,” Coleen said.

Coleen Nick said she'll continue to search until her daughter comes home.

“I am absolutely resolute in my fight, until someone can prove to me that Morgan didn't survive then I will fight for her to come home,” Coleen said.