LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Preparations are underway for the 60th anniversary of Central High's Integration.

School is not in session that day, but traffic will be impacted, and if you're attending the events parking and security will be tightly regulated. Unlike the 50th Anniversary at Central High, the 60th will be held inside the school. But with President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker the FBI will be making sure that security is tight and parking will be limited around the school.

As the world watched, nine African American students were escorted into the formerly all-white Little Central High School. That was 60 years ago.

Now, the historic high school is reflecting on progress with several big events this weekend and the main event on Monday according to David Kilton, the Chief of Interpretation at the Little Rock Central High School Visitor's Center.

"Auditorium seating is definitely booked full, but there's still some overflow seating in the gymnasium if people want to get in and see if they can get a seat that's the best option for them," he said.

Kilton has been a key part of helping plan the logistics for Monday's big ceremony. For those attending, Kilton suggests to plan ahead.

"They've actually reserved the school parking on 13th for VIP's and dignitaries, but there's other options for you. There's the Liberty Hills Church on Schiller and they're actually busing folks over from the fairgrounds," he said.

Also, inside the building guests will be met with tight security. Kilton said law enforcement and the FBI will be on site to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

"There is going to be very heavy security. Backpacks is something you should not bring. If you bring them leave them in your vehicle," he said.

For those not attending, Kilton suggests avoiding the area around Central High Monday morning.

"We will be blocked off down at the far end of 16th all the way down to 13th down past the visitor's center and on Daisy Bates there going to go all the way down past the stadium," he said.

Again, parking will be at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds, with shuttle transportation between the fairgrounds and the Little Rock Central High campus.