LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A pair of Arkansas legislators are criticizing President Donald Trump's decision to restore some of the travel and economic restrictions on Cuba that were lifted under the Obama administration.

Republican Representative Rick Crawford on Friday called the move a "failed, outdated and isolationist" posture toward Cuba, while Republican Senator John Boozman said the plan was a step backward.

"It would be more effective to continue an open line of communication and working relationship with a bad government in need of democratic assistance, instead of shutting them out," Boozman said.

The senator claimed in his statement that he will continue to work with colleagues to "promote policies that help the U.S. remain competitive and create jobs at home, while pushing for human rights and democratic change in Cuba."

Trump announced he was reinstating the requirement that "people-to-people" travelers can only come to Cuba with heavily regulated tour groups, and will re-impose some trade restrictions.

Crawford and Boozman have been pushing for easing trade restrictions with Cuba, and have said the move would help Arkansas farmers by opening up a new market.