LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It was a packed house Monday afternoon at Senator Tom Cotton and Representative French Hill's Town Hall meeting in Little Rock. They discussed a variety of concerns including healthcare, defense, executions and international affairs.

When it came to questions regarding defense funding, both Cotton and Hill said they support properly funding the military to maintain a strong presence internationally. Senator Cotton said that supporting the military financially is a top priority. He also mentioned that the goal of having a strong military is to bring about peace.

In terms of international military action, Senator Cotton feels that President Donald Trump made the right moves in Syria. Hill said he's confident in the team of advisors President Trump has chosen for matters of defense and international action. Senator Cotton echoed his support.

“In one night President Trump turned the tables and I think most of our friends and foes around the world now know the United States, once again, will employ power to protect our interests and defend our aspirations,” said Senator Cotton.

Multiple people wanted to talk about the Arkansas executions. Some said they were concerned with how things are going with the process. Senator Cotton said it's unfortunate things are taking so long.

“It is unfortunate the courts continue to intervene in the last minute in these decisions with verdicts that go back up to 3 decades,” said Senator Cotton. “I hope the state can promptly resolve all these legal disputes and that Governor Hutchinson and the state can proceed with the completion of these sentences.”

Hill responded to execution concerns saying that he feels great sadness for the victims’ families. He believes these punishments are warranted for the most heinous crimes.

Many people also wanted to talk health care reform. A large crowd cheered for Senator Cotton as he expressed his full support for repealing and replacing the Affordable Health Care Act. Others were vocalizing their concerns with providing coverage to all people in the future, especially with the rising cost of some medications. Hill said he feels the Republican efforts to replace the ACA failed because of how quick things moved.

“I think it’s not any one person’s fault because there are moderate members of the House Republican Conference and conservative members of the House Republican Conference that had substantive changes and ideas they'd like to see included in that process,” said Hill. “I call it, truly, a work in progress.”

You can watch the Facebook Live recording of the Town Hall by clicking here.