LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - On Tuesday, two controversial resolutions proposed by state Senator Jason Rapert failed in the Arkansas House and Rapert took to Twitter to vent his frustrations about "so-called conservatives."

If passed, both Senate Joint Resolution 7 and 9 would have called for a convention to propose amendment to the United States Constitution. SJR7 would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman, effectively banning same-sex marriages.

SJR9 would've amended the constitution to state that "every human being is entitled to the right to life." Many against SJR9 say that the proposal is an attack on abortion rights.

"Legislators, we must fight for the future of our children," Rapert said on Twitter in response to the resolutions failing. "Marriage between one man and one woman, and babies lives are important!"

He continued to say that anyone who claimed to be pro-life would vote for legislation to stop abortions. Rapert also claimed that nearly 60 million babies have been killed in America due to abortions and that "so-called conservatives stand by and watch it happen."

"What good is it to vote for jobs, education and tax cuts when are inhumanly killing innocent babies in America and Arkansas," Rapert asked before ending the tweet with, "TAKE A STAND."

He said that the House failed to take a stand for marriage and life as "they sword to under Arkansas Constitution."

The senator thanked the 29 representatives that voted for both SJR7 and SJR9 before asking why "babies live and morality isn't a priority" when Republicans currently have a super majority in the Arkansas legislature.

"I have broken my back to help elect GOP legislators," Rapert ranted, "I expect that they will vote for life and natural marriage without thinking twice."

Rapert also stated that the representatives that voted to make the Bible the state book of Arkansas should also be voting for "marriage and life that the Bible upholds."

"People are tired of politicians who say they are pro-life and for marriage and then take a dive when it's time to vote," Rapert said.

The Twitter rant continued as Rapert said he's fed up with "know nothing fear-mongers who demonize" the founding father's intent when it comes to Article V which says that two-thirds of states can call for a convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Rapert even claimed that the founding father of the United States would "scold" every person who talks about the decline of our country, but also fights against using Article V to "save it."

Rapert ended the string of tweets hoping God would help America wake up and to save our own country, adding a "mic drop" GIF.