LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Since last year, THV11 has been following the story of Navy veteran Joe George and his family's journey to get him the honor they believe he deserves.

On Wednesday, they got just a little bit closer to that goal.

In 1941, George disobeyed orders when he saved six sailors from a sinking ship during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Through the hard work of his family and friends, especially his daughter, Jo Ann, who made the trip to Washington to meet with the president, George may finally be honored all these years later.

A resolution has been proposed on the senate floor to honor George, calling him a "genuine American hero."

"God bless Joe George whose immense courage and astounding composure serves as an example for the men and women in uniform who follow in his wake. let us never forget their heroism and service,” said Senator Jeff Flake, Arizona Senator.

The resolution is also co-sponsored by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

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