LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- After rain pounded the area last weekend two new homeowners are now dealing with a flooding issue in their basement.

New homeowner Alyssa Sentany got a little more than she expected on move-in day.

"The doors to our basement had collapsed. They're steel doors with a two by six and they had completely bent and there was between six to seven feet of water in the basement," she said.

The Sentany's moved most of their stuff Saturday afternoon, but slept at their old house that night. After two alarm calls from their new home, they went to check out the problem Sunday.

"There's lot of mud, lots of leaves, lots of bugs," she said.

Heavy rain over the weekend sent water rushing into the basement. The previous owner said he never had problems in the four years he lived there, but sump pumps were installed just in case.

"There are two sump pumps down there in the event that something was to start happening and evidently it came in to fast and the pumps couldn't keep up," Alyssa said.

Alyssa said now they've ordered a much bigger pump for the future and learned lessons in homeownership.

"We now know to bolt all shelving to the walls in the basement, because the shelving flipped over and floated all over the basement. Even the things on the top-shelf were not safe," she said. "We will also definitely make sure the pump systems are working and they have a high enough capacity to handle anything the weather may throw at us."

The next plan is to get the basement sprayed for any mold that should development and also change out those sub-pumps. The home did have flood insurance, but it's unclear at this point what will be covered.