LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Little Rock Compassion Center (LRCC) is seeing record breaking numbers of people they are serving right now. Unfortunately, food is going off the shelves faster than it's coming in for them. Now, the shelter is starting to panic.

“All I had was a bag of Doritos to live off of for 3 days,” said Gerald Murphy, who’s been homeless for several years. “You know, it's a hurting feeling to be hungry.”

However Murphy found relief, when he found the LRCC two years ago. He said he can rely on the center to get clothes, food and even shower when he is in need. He shares this space with hundreds of others, but they're the ones who make it home for him.

“They provide me a place where I don't have to be alone on the holidays,” said Murphy.

Pastor William Holloway, the owner of the LRCC, said the holidays bring in more hungry people than any other time of year.

“Because it's easier to be here than some big city like St. Louis or Chicago,” said Holloway.

We are more than a month out from Thanksgiving and kitchen shelves are already looking scarce.

“There's a shortage of turkeys, there's a shortage of the different things we need to prepare to make Thanksgiving and Christmas meals,” said Melissa Caulder, kitchen manager at the Compassion Center.

On average, the Compassion Center serves about 500 meals a day, but as soon as November 1st hits through the holidays and into the first of the year, they average about 700 meals a day. So, the center said if you want to donate food you can just drop it off on the back side of the Compassion Center on Asher Street.

“This country is too rich to be having people hungry. There’s no excuse,” said Murphy.

Right now, Pastor Holloway said they only have enough food for 60 to 70 meals which is not even close to their goal. The staff still remains confident that everyone who shows up to eat on the holidays will eat.

“We're going to do whatever it takes to get out there and feed people,” said Holloway.

This confidence, one of the many reasons this shelter is so popular.

“There's hope here. It’s a Godly place. That’s why I keep coming back,” said Murphy.

The Compassion Center accepts all donations from clothing to bedding to appliances. However, right now, they really need food more than anything. Contact them online or in-person at their location.


Location: 4210 Asher Ave, Little Rock, AR 72204