SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - You may have seen it; a Facebook post shared hundreds of times with video of a thief stealing a package from a Sherwood home in broad daylight. Now, the homeowners are hoping to catch the thief.

The video shows a lady walking up to the front porch of the Jimenez household in Sherwood. She steals their package and walks away. The package had just been delivered minutes before, meaning it is likely she had been following the delivery truck.

“She just waltzed up and grabbed our package and waltzed away,” said Elizabeth Jimenez.

Jimenez and her husband Yazmani were only 10 houses down, for a matter of minutes, when they got the notification on their phone from their security system. The notification let them know someone had been near their door.

The video of the thief downloaded on their phone within minutes, but by then, it was too late. The package had been stolen in under thirty seconds. The thief stole over $250 worth of birthday presents for Jimenez. One gift was her new, advanced stethoscope, which she could use at her job. She works as a nurse at a local hospital.

After the couple saw what had happened, they called police and shared the video on the social media. They quickly realized they weren’t the only targets. Officer John Murphy said Sherwood has had a rash of recent package pickups.

“North Little Rock has had some reports recently and it just kind of bleeds into our city,” said Murphy.

He said that with the recent spike, it’s a good idea to call police as soon as possible if you have a package stolen. He also recommends posting on your community Facebook pages and posting any videos or photos you may have. It can make all the difference in these unfortunate situations.

Speaking of unfortunately situations, this story is exactly that, but it also has a little bit of irony mixed in. One of the other gifts that was stolen was anti-stress lotion.

“I really could have used that after this,” said Elizabeth.

If you have any information about the thief in the video, please contact the Sherwood Police Department.