SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - The Sherwood Police Department has over 10,000 reasons to smile Monday. Their popular neighborhood watch Facebook group reached new heights and is growing more by the minute.

At last check, you can tally the total number of members on Sherwood's group at 10,017. Sergeant Keith Wilson told us when they first started the page just last year, they only expected a few hundred people.

This neighborhood watch page is the star of the city.

“These are marvelous times that we live in with technology," said Kent Berry, owner of the Meat Shoppe. "As we learn and use it as a tool, it's going to get better. Like with anything else, it's what you make of it.”

With an estimated population of 30,000 people, about one third have their eyes and ears tuned in to everything going on around town. But with growth comes some challenges.

“Sometimes the questions are kind of hard to answer and we have to admit where we didn’t do so perfect,” said Wilson.

A year and half later, the page's purpose has grown as its following increased.

"I think a lot of it goes back to just being personable and open and in doing so, it's been a lot of fun too,” Wilson added.

Police also attribute the growth to open communication.

“It’s moderated, so what you're going to get is pretty well pertinent," Berry said. "Sometimes there are comments that may be a little out of line.”

He feels safer knowing he count on police and his community.

“If there's a little pocket of crime somewhere in the neighborhood, with 10,000 members and the city count at 30,000, chances are pretty good someone in the area can warn people to lock their cars up and turn lights on,” Berry said.

With just one click, you too can stay connected and share what your concerns are in Sherwood. But moderation is key in order to keep the group happy.

“There's certain things, like inappropriate language, that we don't allow," said Wilson. "And I think most everybody seems to like that.”

The main goal for the page is to share information with residents and businesses to help prevent crime. Other issues the community stays on top of are things like traffic, speeding, and suspicious activity.

Nothing gets by people who live in Sherwood.