SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - A Sherwood woman experienced the unexpected while hosting a neighborhood yard sale Sunday.

Samantha Krause just wanted to make a little extra money, not receive counterfeit cash.

She posted about what happened on social media and received some support, but also surprisingly got a lot of negative feedback.

“They handed me the $50. Sorry, I'm just so upset,” said Krause as she began to explain what happened.

Krause and her husband recently married, so they needed to get rid of a few things. She, along with her family, friends, and a few neighbors decided to host a sale.

“This couple pulled up and no one thought anything of it," she explained. "My neighbor was smart enough to start taking pictures to post online in different yard sale sites. The couple was in those pictures thank goodness."

She and the woman in this picture struck up conversation about experiencing tough times.

“I just started giving her stuff, filing up buckets for nothing and basically giving stuff away because I felt awful,” she added.

But then, Krause got suspicious.

"I started to get a sketchy vibe," she said. "The guy was checking in and out of his wallet a lot and I just didn't feel right."

In these pictures, you can see the man who she thinks gave her a counterfeit $50 and possibly a fake $20.

“They just handed me the $50, I didn't think anything of it. I handed them change for what they bought and then they were gone,” Krause said.

Krause shared what happened on the Sherwood Police Neighborhood Watch page on Facebook. She's received support, but some backlash as well.

“A lot of people have been kind of hateful, asking why did I take the money and why didn't I have a marker to check the money. A police on the page even said they don't always work,” said Krause.

Sergeant Keith Wilson with Sherwood Police Department encourages those who think they’ve got fake cash to turn it in.

The police will then hand it over to the Secret Service, who tracks the original location through a serial number.