SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) — A Sherwood concealed carry instructor is offering a unique type of training that teaches people how to save a life in dangerous situations.

Former Firefighter Brandon Butler started Tactical Rescue Services (TRS) in 2012. He started offering his training course to everyday people when traumatic incidents like Mandalay Bay and the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred.

“Those are perfect examples if civilians hadn't acted and started treatment on victims, then a lot more people would've died than necessary,” Butler said.

It's rare you'll ever encounter a situation like an active shooter, but Butler wants as many people to be prepared as possible.

"Civilians are essentially the first on scene,” he said. “Between somebody calling 9-1-1 and getting dispatched and medical arriving on scene, it takes minutes. Bystanders are there in seconds.”

This training course is one of about a dozen others like it in the country. Butler said it lasts about eight hours, four of it is hands-on training.

“We teach basic triage. Who can walk, who is in immediate need, who is not. Then we start working on tourniquets. We start working on trauma bandaging. Chest seals,” Butler said.

He said being able to stop a person from bleeding out is an essential skill.

“These kind of things are imperative and within a 90-second window, and if you don't do something within that 90-second window, that person is not going to make it,” Butler said.

The course teaches you how to do an improvised tourniquet with the most basic things like a stick or a bandana, so you can perform the most important skill of stopping the bleed.

Brady McPherson went through the class and said it is also useful for concealed carry holders.

"I think if you choose to exercise that right then it's your responsibility to make sure you are trained or equip because heaven forbid you need to use that you also need to know how to help people,” McPherson said.

Butler said this class will be helpful to those who are looking at getting an enhanced concealed carry license. Enhanced concealed carry trains people on how to use your firearm during active shooter situations.

"There's a lot of people that think getting your concealed carry license, going to the range and shooting every once in a while is more than enough. It's really not. If you think about it, it's just the beginning. You're best action is to take care of other people shot,” Butler said.

But Butler said this training can still be used outside of active shooter situations.

“If it’s a car wreck, you’re out hunting and somebody falls from a deer stand and accidentally gets shot. These are all skills that can help you even in those situations,” Butler said.

Butler offers this class once a month at his storefront in Sherwood. If you would like to sign-up, click here.

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