LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Community members that came out for the third “Chat with the Chief” didn't hold back Friday evening.

“Our community is made up of all kinds of different people and we contribute to the environment and I do believe our children are a reflection," one woman said strongly. "We must not allow the media or even other people to demonize our children because they internalize that. If you treat me like a beast, I will become a beast. And if you treat like I'm not a human and that I'm not divine and that I'm not a brilliant person, then I will never human, divine, and brilliant.”

Another woman, Sikia Brent, said she feels like the Little Rock Police Department is singling out African American males, saying statistics shown at the event were relying on a "flawed system." During the event, Buckner said many factors went behind the data which included education records from the Little Rock School District.

“As to my understanding the biggest problem facing our city right now is African American males?” she asked.

Chief Buckner said he's just stating the facts.

“Stop having this lie fantasy with yourself, we know where the problem is, we're not making this stuff up, this is real stuff,” Buckner said.

But Brent spoke with us and said the chief didn't answer her about how the data was gathered.

"He referenced school records as a back up data source, but wouldn't address the research that shows that that data was skewed as well," she said. "He didn't address any of the root causes of LRPD's challenges to successfully policing our communities."

Little Rock resident Ron Harrington said people aren't standing up for their own communities.

“The police can't solve this problem, the leaders of the city cannot solve this problem. The crime problem must be solved by the people of this community,” said Harrington.

The next chat with the chief is set for July 17 at 6:00 p.m. at West Central Sports Complex on John Barrow.