LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Hundreds of people submitted stacks of applications Monday in hopes of becoming one of the few medical marijuana facilities in Arkansas.

Not everybody is excited for the drug to come to the Natural State, however.

"Let's face it you don't smoke medicine," Jerry Cox with Family Council said.

Cox said several people have expressed their concerns to him about the drug coming to their towns.

“Over half the counties in Arkansas voted not to approve the medical marijuana measure in the first place," he said.

Cox said there are ways for people to stop medical marijuana from coming to their communities. People can start petitions, in the same way a wet county can move to a dry county.

"If a sufficient number of registered voters sign the petition, then the measure goes to a vote," he said. "It would not be able to prohibit the use of marijuana but they could prohibit the growing or sale of it."

While the applications submitted Monday still need to be approved, people like Cox are working to keep medical marijuana out.

"This is mostly a veiled way to bring in recreational marijuana under the guise of it being medicine," Cox said.

The earliest a city or county could bring the issue to a vote is November 2018. Cox said he is working with counties to put together a plan for petitions.