ROCK HILL, S.C. -- It was love at first slice for one South Carolina couple.

Sounds cheesy, right? That's because it was... literally.

Angela, 46, and Mark Underwood, 50, first met over a mutual love of Empire Pizza located in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Mark is originally from the upper east coast, so when he moved to the south, he was disappointed in the pizza selection.

"Back home I ate pizza everyday until I moved here in 2000, there wasn't many pizza places around or I didn't like the pizza," Mark says. "Then when Empire opened up I was like, 'Yes! Good pizza! I can eat pizza everyday again."

Mark was introduced to Empire's pizza when he had to do construction on the restaurant. Little did he know that Empire's would provide him with his now two biggest loves: pizza and Angela.

"[Angela's] friend ran up and asked if I was there with anybody, when I wasn't she invited me to sit with them," Mark says. "I asked [Angela] if she liked pizza and she said, 'I could eat pizza everyday,' and I was like, 'Really? We're a match!'"

It didn't take long for their mutual love of pizza to transfer to one another.

"We bring pizza home all the time and I'll smell it at 3 a.m. and I'll ask Angela, 'Did you get up in the middle of the night and heat up pizza?' and she'll be like... 'yeah.'"

After four years and hundreds of slices, the pizza-loving couple decided to tie the knot.

What's typically a tough decision for other couples was easy for Mark and Angela because there was only one venue on the menu.

"[Mark] is here so often people think he owns the restaurant," Angela says. "It's home, we know everyone and they're all so nice."

"For me it feels like I'm with family," Mark says of the restaurant. "We definitely wanted to have [the wedding] here being that we met here too."

On April 29, Empire's Pizza was transformed from a restaurant that hosts families to a restaurant that creates new ones.

"I really can't think of a place they would have it besides here because like they said, they are family," says Empire Pizza's administrative marketing manager Tiffany Cox. "It was our first Empire wedding... we're lucky to have them."

As for the wedding food? It was all made from scratch by Empire's "Mama," a co-founder of the restaurant.

"We made sure we had pizza all different ways across the board," Angela said. "When we told them we wanted to have the wedding here Mama said not to worry about a thing."