LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Recently, Little Rock School District announced they will have to make budget cuts due to losing desegregation funding. A local group of concerned parents and students, StandUp4LR, has released comments on the cuts saying LRSD's public input process is "woefully insufficient".

In a letter to the school district, the group believes the district has lacked transparency and have not worked with the public properly when proposing the budget cuts. The group also suggests that the LRSD engages the public more instead of what they call, "a very limited online form."

The LRSD has a page on their website where the public can look at the proposed budgets and send them an e-mail on the issue. The deadline for sending in comments ends on Sunday, October 23.

StandUp4LR also recommends that the district re-establish a budget task force with a diverse leadership which they say was lost when Mike Poore took over as superintendent for Baker Kurris.

They asked the state, in the letter, to stop charter school expansion in Pulaski County for five years, citing continual shifts in the district's platform makes it hard to develop any long-term budget plans.

"The charter schools operating within LRSD boundaries should be held more accountable to ensure they serve the entire student population and are not serving as institutions of re-segregation," the letter said.

They end the letter to the LRSD saying both the state and district continue to fail a more transparent process for the community to engage and discuss any potential plans.

If you wish to leave a comment for the LRSD, you can go to their website or leave a comment on their Facebook page.

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