NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Stretching nearly 1,500 miles across four states, the Arkansas River is one of Arkansas' natural beauties.

One Arkansas native is hoping to bring more attention to the state’s hidden treasure.

“I find a little peace out here, especially in the middle of Little Rock,” said Samuel Ellis, owner of Rock Town River Outfitters.

For some, the Arkansas River is a treasure still waiting to be discovered.

“I just think people have been scared of the Arkansas River. We really want to show that the river is not something to fear, but something that needs to be respected,” said Ellis.

It's a fear that Ellis is familiar with.

“If it’s anything like me growing up, my mom told me that the Arkansas River is scary, it’s going to hurt you if you even look at it wrong."

It is a fear he is hoping to help others overcome. Ellis recently started Rock Town River Outfitters, a first of its kind business in North Little Rock that offers kayaking tours along the Arkansas River.

“We will be running a 2.5 mile tour from Rock Water Marina in North Little Rock, which is where our head post is, to just south of the North Little Rock boat ramp,” said Ellis.

He said the tour gives you a glimpse of what the Natural State has to offer from a different perspective.

“We do evening tours where you'll see the sun go down and the bridges light up at night. You’ll also get to see the Clinton Library. There is just a lot of stuff that's focused on the river, but you’ll never see it from this point of view.”

Rock Town River Outfitters will offer tours in the evenings and weekends. For more information about tours, click here.