LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Strep throat is keeping doctors in central Arkansas busy. Normally, strep throat symptoms show up in mid-September. Now, doctors are warning parents to keep a look out for any possible signs.

This year's late arrival is causing symptoms not normally associated with the infection show up with strep throat. Lara Sanders said her 11-year-old daughter Nicole complained of a sore throat and stomach aches.

"This time she stayed with a fever a little longer than normal," Sanders said.

Dr. Heath Nay with Central Arkansas Urgent Care said more children are coming in with severe symptoms of strep throat.

"I don't know if I have seen specifically more versus less than previous years, but we have definitely seen more serious cases of it. Children coming in with higher fevers,” Nay said.

Sanders' daughter complained of a sore throat after a game of soccer. At first, she just thought her daughter was reacting to allergies. A few days later Nicole temperature was 101.8. Problems swallowing, swollen glands and difficulty breathing are some of the symptoms to watch out for with strep. Dr. Nay suggests it stems from common interactions with one another.

"Obviously if children do have a fever and are having a sore throat they do need to be seen to make sure that it is strep throat versus a virus," Nay said.

Doctors say strep throat normally lasts a few days, but remember to wash your hands and stay hydrated if you suspect you may be catching the virus.