COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The words, "Rape is inevitable, may as well enjoy it", defaced the often joyous plaza where students receive their Aggie rings, Tuesday morning.

Although they don't condone the act of vandalism, many believe it may have been trying to bring attention to a controversial.

"There are a lot of Aggies that I am really proud are standing up against sexual assault", said Texas A&M senior Meghan Browder.

According to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), sexual violence is more prevalent on college campuses in comparison to any other crime.

"The fact that sexual assault has the word sexual in it, kind of scares people off the subject, and it's very taboo and people don't like to talk about it, said Texas A&M sophomore Samantha Fedotova.

Although many people don't like to speak about it, students hope that in the future there will more avenues and resources for sexual assault awareness

"It happens to guys too and it's something that I don't think people really think about, but its and an issue for both genders not just one", said Texas A&M sophomore Andrew Scowcroft.