INDIAN TRAIL, S.C. - The Carolina Waterfowl Center urges people to keep their eyes and ears open for animals trapped in storm drains.

The center typically sees a spike in ducklings rescued from storm drains during the summer breeding season.

Wildlife rehabber Taylor Fossett said the latest rescue happened when Huntersville firefighters got 10 ducklings safely out of a storm drain,

"The problem is the babies will follow the mom anywhere they go," Fossett said. "So the mom will either walk over the storm drain, and if the babies are too small, then they will just fall right through."

Ducks haven't been the only animals in the Charlotte area getting stuck in storm drains.

South Fork firefighters in Lincoln County spent part of Wednesday night rescuing an elderly dog named "Poppy" from a storm drain.

Poppy's owner said he's recovering well; just like the Huntersville ducklings.