LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Little Rock Police Department has released more information on the officer-involved shooting where police say the suspect was in a "shooting stance" but no gun was found at the scene.

Officer Stephen Lichti arrived on scene and spoke with the victim near the 5200 block of Geyer Springs Road. She told police that 22-year-old Jeromy Henderson, a black male, entered her apartment through the kitchen window and started attacking her.

She said that Henderson hit her multiple times with a board as well as cut her on her neck and stomach with a knife. She then said the suspect used a broken leg from a kitchen table to beat her.

Police found blood in the kitchen and a bloody knife in the sink. A table leg was found in the living room.

The victim admitted to police that Henderson was staying at her residence, but they were not in a relationship. He had been asked to leave the apartment the previous day by management.

A neighbor said that "several people" attempted to attack the victim and were now across the street near a church. Another person spoke with the police and claimed to have been the "look out" during the alleged attack.

During the investigation, police learned that although initial reports suggested a sexual assault, it was determined that one did not occur at the scene.

Sergeant Zac Farley joined Lichti to search for the alleged suspects at the church. According to the police report, police found Henderson at the north side of the church. Police claimed Henderson threatened them with what they believe was a handgun and shot him.

In the press release, LRPD said that Henderson "emerged quickly" with both of his arms "extended out as if he had a weapon." Chief Kenton Buckner said on Thursday the man came out in a "shooting stance" during the shooting.

Officers said they saw a dark colored object in his hands.

No handgun was found at the scene, but police found a cell phone near his body.

Henderson is currently in critical condition.

Both Farley and Lichti have been placed on administrative leave as police investigate the incident.